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Essential Habits for good health
With a few simple lifestyle changes you can have a healthier life

BasicSteps to
Better Health

Is maintaining a healthy lifestyle one of your goals? If so, you may be wondering exactly what steps you need to take to establish healthy habits. Instead of relying on popular diet and exercise advice that seems to change every few months, try going back to the tried and true foundational elements of a healthy lifestyle: physical activity, nutritious food, self-care, and positive mental and emotional influences.

Maintain an Active Lifestyle

Centuries ago, people didn't need to "work out" because daily life required a large amount of physical labor. However, most people in modern societies live sedentary lifestyles without much physical movement on a daily basis. Exercise is an essential element of a healthy life; it improves blood circulation, lung capacity, and heart strength. Physical activities also help remove toxins through sweat and will improve the quality of sleep.

Consume Nutritious Food

Instead of trying the latest "weight loss" diet, focus on meeting your body's nutritional needs. Choosing natural foods instead of refined and processed options, hydrating with water instead of soda, and taking whole food of supplements can all help improve overall health. If you aren't sure how to choose the right foods for your unique health needs, you can work with a nutritionist to develop effective and sustainable dietary goals.

Create a Positive Environment

The environment in which you live can also have a significant effect on your overall health. Get outside to soak in some sunshine every day. Avoid toxic foods and substances such as tobacco products, artificial flavors and preservatives, illicit drugs, and chemical additives. Wear breathable clothing, and use natural cleaning agents when possible. Make time for important self-care activities, such as massage, dry skin brushing, and rest.

While diet and exercise are the most well-known aspects of a healthy lifestyle, there are important non-physical aspects as well. Try to cultivate a positive outlook, and have confidence in your own decisions and beliefs. You may find peace through participation in spiritual activities or projects to serve the people in your community. Good nutrition, physical activity, and emotional security in a positive environment are keys to a healthy lifestyle.